Today on Russian TV: “Hillel Neuer Slams U.N.’s Obsession with Israel”

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“UN obsessively condemns Israel, encouraging Palestinians’ most extreme forces” – UN Watch

Published: 30 December, 2010, 11:26

Palestinian officials say they will ask the UN Security Council to approve a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Meanwhile, human rights group UN Watch is concerned that the world body is not playing fair with Israel.

UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer says UN’s condemnation of Israel does not help Palestinians.

“The UN’s obsession with Israel does not only harm Israel, does not only harm the peace process, but it harms the UN as a whole. It prevents the UN from being effective for human rights victims who never get their day of international attention,” he says. “An enormous amount of the UN’s attention is ostensibly devoted to helping the Palestinians.”

“The Palestinians have not been helped. Kofi Annan himself – the Secretary General of the UN – in his parting speech to the Security Council said, ‘What have all the special agenda items and special reports and special sessions on the Palestinian situation ever done to help the Palestinians?’ The reality is, very little.”

“If you look at the past 30 years of all the resolutions at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, it’s something like 75 per cent of all the resolutions condemning Israel and ostensibly helping the Palestinians. The reality is, the only thing they’ve done for the Palestinians is encourage a sense that, no matter what happens, whatever mistakes they make, whatever terrorism they may support, the UN will always be there to encourage them, that no matter what, they will prevail. It’s only encouraged the most extreme forces in a Palestinian camp,” Neuer says.

Hillel Neuer says the UN should be closer to reality and to real problems that Israelis and Palestinians face.

“You have a real situation with real problems. What happens at the UN too often is something on a level that is almost metalogical, that is entirely divorced from reality,” he says. “The UN is sort of locked into an automatic mode where all it’s doing is condemning Israel obsessively.”


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