TODAY’S LIST OF SHAME Countries that voted *against* the U.N. Human Rights Council’s establishment of an investigative fact-finding mission into #Iran regime’s gross human rights

Today the murderous & misogynistic Ayatollah’s regime sent a woman to tell the the United Nations how they respect women’s rights, but she stopped while

Iconic moment today in U.N.'s emergency Iran debate:🫳🎤 #MahsaAmini #IranRevoIution — UN Watch (@UNWatch) November 24, 2022

Amazing! UN Human Rights Council votes by overwhelming 25-6 to condemn Iran abuses & create first-ever investigative mission into Ayatollah regime’s crimes. Bravo to everyone

Drama at UNHRC session on Iran: In surprise move, China tries to kill paragraph creating an investigative mission on Tehran regime’s crimes. Totally defeated! 25-6.

I’ve just come out of the United Nations Human Rights Council special session on #Iran where I was the last speaker. I’m feeling confident that

Minister @WBHoekstra: When the Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia are repeatedly elected to the UN Women’s Rights Commission, can you name ONE example

I was in the room. It was sickening to see the Axis of Evil rallying around the murderous Ayatollah regime. I hope tomorrow they will

Mossad stole my speech — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) November 24, 2022

A recurring theme in the Ayatollah regime’s lobbying of UNHRC member states to vote against today’s resolution to establish a fact-finding mission on #Iran is

Our Monday letter calling on the United Nations to invite the top opposition speakers, recommended in 245,000 comments to my Instagram post of 14 November,

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