BREAKING: UNRWA staff stealing and selling humanitarian aid, Gazans report• UNRWA warehouse chief sold 50 cartons of food for $5,000• Pampers, canned sweets, tissues stolen

Unreal: UNRWA is acting as a human shield for Hamas Never in history has a humanitarian agency refused to evacuate a war zone. Under the

UNRWA chief Lazzarini is lying when he says “we've been cleared.” Here is the evidence that was submitted to UNRWA over the past decade documenting


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🥇 In 2024, the gold medal for absurdity goes to the UN. The inmates are running the asylum: 🇨🇳  China sits on the UN Human

2/ Left: Suhail al-Hindi, UNRWA union chiefRight: Suhail al-Hindi, Hamas terror chief — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) April 30, 2024

BREAKING: UN says its Office of Internal Oversight has been receiving evidence from Israel since January, enabling UN investigation of 19 UNRWA staff for involvement

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