UN Watch’s Top Tweets in January 2020

Trending UN Watch tweets from January put a spotlight on the world’s greatest human rights abusers who just joined the UN Human Rights Council; double standards against Israel;

Iran Protests Ignored by Amnesty & Human Rights Watch

https://www.facebook.com/unwatch/videos/1029698324089714/?__xts__[0]=68.ARA_jCmlz0u-21mUfenKBU5GNoECpDhlZQMh8RGAzUsL-CqpJ3UMuO_24l-amYycRRAf_y3Kt9ol2z9rh2q-Lv-X3QwpbQEDr0aVocNdyhbTem8Fifd7vB1j4PkPvDIGkfr0PG-oHXi_9liubyKO092o1X1hF-mRib-YjNADN1CRcdE0m0xjEDtEpW2YjJocSlL15Nm5lfmczZOGPzM6SLtpvBJj-Yy5DiEVYpqHd_tqi9GR9MmBjtSC5EjP6uj9qmo14n6JGctl3KW5Mw3tX6Kwb9FDeQInc6oP7NSzlxUaACYVidnGjKFM5ynisoEs6DdxFr-djFPVDX38Z9OSkQ6UdvUXgQ&__tn__=-R   Over the past 24 hours, in wake of Iran’s admission that its forces shot down the Ukrainian passenger airliners over Tehran, courageous men

UN Watch’s Top Tweets in December 2019

Trending UN Watch tweets from December 2019 put a global spotlight on the UN Human Rights Council’s inaction on Iran’s massacre of anti-government protesters; the