My Debate in @MomentMagazine: Should UNRWA be shut down? I say Yes, and the other side, a gentleman from USAID, says not now but eventually

No words, indeed. You and your UNRWA still refuse to utter one word about Hamas, the genocidal terrorists who started the war six months ago

The US is the largest donor to the International Red Cross, giving $670 million a year. So why did the @ICRC ignore two appeals by

Sorry, @UNReliefChief. Your lot chose to collaborate with Hamas terrorists in their complete infiltration of UNRWA. Now we are getting rid of it. —

There are some who support UNRWA in the mistaken belief that it is a humanitarian service provider. And then there are many devotees like new

UNRWA says it has “only a few bad apples” who support terrorism. But the opposite is true. When it was exposed that the head of

UN Watch