.@EinatWilf on the Arab-Israeli conflict: "The root cause has only ever been one: the complete denial & rejection of the universal right of the Jewish

.@YosephHaddad on the anti-Israel #PillayReport: "Reading through these 18 pages of drivel, it isn’t a thorough investigation of the facts on both sides, but rather

.@YosephHaddad on the anti-Israel #PillayReport: "Let me clarify for this Commission of Inquiry that I am an Arab Israeli with equal rights under the law

.@YosephHaddad, a proud Israeli Arab: "This obsession against Israel prevents resources & attention from being put in the right places, both inside of Israel as

.@OllieMeWash on the UN & Israel: "The weaponization of apartheid by the UN & now the Commission of Inquiry makes a mockery of what the

.@OllieMeWash on the Israel "apartheid" libel: "It trivializes the humiliation & injustices endured by black South Africans who lived through apartheid & who still, together

.@OllieMeWash on apartheid: "Black people were morally & racially inferior to white people & so had to be separated from them on all levels of

.@AnneHerzberg14 (r) on the UNHRC's anti-Israel Commission of Inquiry: "The campaign against South Africa was meant to eliminate the regime. And that’s why they’re adopting

.@NGOmonitor's @AnneHerzberg14 on the role of NGOs in the #PillayReport: "The work of HRW is evident throughout the COI report. They do not verify HRW's

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.@cornjag1 on the Israel-Hamas war: "So ask this question: how many civilians & civilian buildings did Hamas attempt to kill & to destroy? That's the

.@cornjag1 puts the 2021 Israel-Hamas war into a military legal context: "The IDF was fighting an enemy that not only disregards humanitarian law, but uses

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