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BREAKING: For first time, UNRWA's former general counsel James Lindsay testifying before Congress, now exposing the agency's failure to vet staff for terrorist ties. I'm

Meet Rei Xia. She silently protested in China with a blank white paper. They took her away. After her release, she posted about police abuses.

Hamas earned $500 million from aid trucks going into Gaza. That’s why the food aid is being sold in markets. Has anyone at the UN

I am heading to Washington to testify about who really runs UNRWA. Officially, it's Philippe Lazzarini. In reality, it's folks like Suhail al-Hindi, Hamas Politburo


UNRWA Night Shift II

As revealed exclusively by UN Watch, UNRWA staff are stealing aid and selling it for profit, according to numerous reports published by Palestinians in an

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