Exposed UNRWA Employee

Amal Saleh, Endorses Hamas Resistance

Telegram Nickname: Amal Saleh   On October 7th, Amal Saleh endorsed the Hamas atrocities in Israel when she prayed at 8:01 AM for God to

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Salim Alawaity, Supports Hamas Terrorists

Telegram Nickname: Salim Alawaity   At 7:54 AM on October 7th, Salim Alawaity endorsed the Hamas terrorists committing atrocities in Israel. Responding to an excited

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Fattouma Salem, Celebrates Hamas Attack

Telegram Nickname: Fattouma Salem   At 7:37 AM on the morning of October 7th, Fattouma Salem excitedly celebrated the Hamas massacre in Israel, proclaiming “God

Exposed UNRWA Employee

Asma Asma, Venerates Hamas Terrorist

Telegram Nickname: Asma Asma   On October 7th, Asma Asma venerated one of the Hamas terrorists, Yahya Khalid Abu Daqqah, that participated in the October

BREAKING: Human rights activists are calling on the United Nations Human Rights Council to convene an emergency session to save the life of Mohammad Ghobadlou,

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