Vladimir Kara-Murza is one of the most courageous people I ever met. He spoke out for freedom in Russia. They poisoned him & he almost

No joke: they're about to start voting on the candidacies of Russia, China, Cuba for the U.N. “Human Rights” Council. The inmates are running the

Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. We just took the floor to urge the United Nations not to elect him to their top human rights

Sick joke: Navi Pillay, head of the UN inquiry targeting Israel—who defended a colleague's rant about “The Jewish Lobby”—says she'll probe Hamas sexual violence in


Blood Libel – Then and Now

Just as the lie that Jews murdered Christian children incited pogroms in medieval Europe, today’s lie that Israel targets children in Gaza incites pogroms against


Hamas Misfires

The New York Times and other major media falsely blamed Israel for a rocket that landed next to a Gaza hospital, which was actually fired


Pillay’s Kangaroo Trial

Meet the UNHRC’s Pillay Commission of Inquiry: Navi Pillay: lobbies to “Sanction Apartheid Israel” Miloon Kothari: rants about “the Jewish Lobby” Chris Sidoti: says Jews


The Iran Tram

We removed the Ayatollah regime from the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission. Now we need to remove the Ayatollah regime from Iran.


UNRWA Teaching Hate

UNRWA suspended 6 teachers & staff for inciting to murder Jews. We exposed 120. Not 1 has been fired.


The COI’s Disdain

The UN’s new Commission of Inquiry targeting Israel is a travesty of justice—a show trial sponsored by Pakistan & the PLO. Its members have long

UN Watch

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