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Reminder: Hamas stole 36,000 litres of fuel from UNRWA warehouses. That would have lasted a week and a half to run hospitals or a desalination

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UN Watch in the News — October 2023

UN Watch was quoted in several media outlets around the world in October 2023, on Iran’s chairmanship of a UN human rights forum, UNRWA’s antisemitism,

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Bravo 🇺🇸: “We categorically refuse to sit, converse or engage in any discussion on human rights chaired by Iran. Any discussion led by a regime

The inmates are running the asylum. Today the Islamic Republic of Iran became Chair of the U.N. Human Rights Council Social Forum. He hailed Cuba's

Program for tomorrow's UN Human Rights Council Forum:1. Iran's Ali Bahreini, Chair2. Cuba's President, Keynote Panel3. Iran Vice-President, head of Academic Jihad4. Cocktail by Iran5.

Dear @UNHumanRights chief @volker_turk: You will be sitting on the podium tomorrow next to Iran's Islamic Regime as it becomes Chair of the U.N. Human

Bravo to European Parliament Vice-President Pina Picierno for speaking out. We call on all world leaders to condemn the U.N.'s despicable legitimization of Iran's murderous

We are now calling on all countries to walk out of the room tomorrow when the Islamic Republic of Iran becomes Chair of the United


UN Watch on the Hamas-Israel War: October 2023

October 2023 After the Iranian-sponsored Hamas terrorist group invaded Israeli communities and massacred families, and fired thousands of rockets from Gaza across Israel, UN Watch

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