Yes—today at the UN we will win. Today the Ayatollah will be shamed before the world. Today the world will stand with the courageous people

How it all began: — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) December 14, 2022

And here’s my Instagram Live with the full story — from when we first exposed the Islamic regime’s April 2021 election to the women’s rights

For more information on the campaign to #ExpelAyatollah: — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer) December 14, 2022

“They do not justify to be part of a body which is established in order to promote and protect rights of girls and women across

If it is @hrw lobbying AGAINST expelling the Islamic Regime from the UN Women’s Rights Commission, we note that their Iran researcher @sepehrifar & ex-researcher

.@wonderfulid Indonesia looks beautiful! But I saw last year you voted No on a U.N. resolution for human rights victims in Iran. I hope you

Tomorrow, December 14, 2002, we hope to undo this abomination at the United Nations: My Q&A on tomorrow’s vote: — Hillel Neuer (@HillelNeuer)

Iran’s UN rep blasts US “illegal request to terminate Iran’s membership in the Commission on the Status of Women based on false allegations & fabricated

Two days away from the vote to remove Iran’s regime from the U.N. Women’s Rights Commission. Ousting a member from this body has never been

See how the UN focuses on the death penalty in principle—putting Iran in club with Japan, US, the Bahamas, Trinidad, etc— yet says nothing on

Good News: 🇫🇷 France has announced it will vote in favor of the resolution to expel the Islamic Regime in Iran from the U.N. Women’s

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