BREAKING: Terror tunnel discovered right below UNRWA HQ, hiding Hamas intelligence data center, with electrical room, industrial battery power banks, living quarters for Hamas server

🇬🇧@MailOnline: “Hillel Neuer, a human rights lawyer, suggested that instead of speaking to Putin, Mr. Carlson should try to talk to Vladimir Kara-Murza, a British-Russian

Dear Commissioner @UNLazzarini: You used the taxes of US, EU, Canadian & other citizens for UNRWA schools which you promised would teach peace and human

UNRWA's defenders know it's not “only a few bad apples.” Michael Bell: “Hamas dominates the UNRWA trade unions and its staff is replete with Hamas

So it turns out the UN's new “independent review” is not even about the allegations of UNRWA ties with terrorism, but rather the opposite: it's

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