One year ago they sentenced the bravest man I ever met to 25 years in prison. Vladimir Kara-Murza spoke out for freedom in Russia. They

China’s Communist regime crushed peace-loving Tibet and democratic Hong Kong, but they want UN statehood and “justice” for terror-infested Gaza and Jenin. — Hillel

BREAKING: I have been invited to address the Swiss Foreign Affairs Committee special hearing on UNRWA. I will expose how its Gaza officials work for

Lead UNRWA expert at the group running the “Independent Review” of UNRWA's handling of alleged terror ties has deleted her account — after we exposed

UNRWA's Chris Gunness misread our exposé. It did not claim he influenced the Colonna Report but that he revealed its purpose when he said it

BREAKING: 🇬🇧 British Parliament releases evidence China paid bribes to two heads of UN General Assembly; whistleblower reveals that top UN Human Rights Council official

Exposed: the UN's “independent” investigation into UNRWA's terror ties is completely rigged. A new report by UN Watch shows how the entire team from Catherine


Thousands of UNRWA Staff Promote Terrorism

  SHARE:   Twitter  | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook Testimony delivered before the United Nations Human Rights Council by UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, 28 March 2024   Mr.

My Debate in @MomentMagazine: Should UNRWA be shut down? I say Yes, and the other side, a gentleman from USAID, says not now but eventually

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